Colleen would be an excellent choice

My husband and I would like to recommend our agent Colleen Harlan whom we have worked with continuously for eight months.  She is very professional in her approach to selling real estate and is extremely conscientious.  She carries a notebook and writes your inquiries and concerns in the book and ALWAYS returns quickly with answers that she researches for you.  At times your inquiries are returned in less than an hour.  She does not need to be reminded to do so;  you are able to count on her returned call.  Her organizational skills are excellent and she is timely in her response to your needs for appointments to see listings.  If you have a question related to the home or community involved she will often surprise you with an answer that you did not formally ask but she has taken the time to research.  Her sales approach is not pushy or intimidating but helpful and positive.  Even though we have seen 34 homes in the course of our search for a new home we never felt she was not with us as we contemplated our selection of a new home.  She has been in the business long enough to cultivate many valuable resources which she offers as needed.  Colleen would be an excellent choice of a real estate agent to help you search for a new home.